House of Assembly

Province of Newfoundland & Labrador



1st Session – 48th General Assembly



Thursday, March 10th, 2016



(a)    Statements by Members

(b)    Statements by Ministers

(c)    Oral Questions

(d)    Presenting Reports by Standing and Select Committees

(e)    Tabling of Documents

(f)    Notices of Motion

(g)    Answers to questions for which notice has been given

(h)    Petitions




1. – Second Reading of a Bill − “An Act To Establish An Independent Appointments Commission And To Require A Merit-Based Process For Various Appointments”. (Bill No. 1)                                                                                               (Premier)




        1. − THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF FINANCE AND PRESIDENT OF TREASURY BOARD – To Move that the House Resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole on Supply to Consider Certain Resolutions for the Granting of Interim Supply to Her Majesty.

(Bill No. 2)


2. — THE HONOURABLE THE GOVERNMENT HOUSE LEADER – To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Amend The Parliamentary Assistant Act And The Parliamentary Secretaries Act”. (Bill No. 3)


3. — THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF FINANCE AND PRESIDENT OF TREASURY BOARD – To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Amend The Financial Administration Act”. (Bill No. 4)


4. — THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY – To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Amend The Interprovincial Subpoena Act”.            (Bill No. 5)


        5. — THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE – To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Amend The Professional Fish Harvesters Act”. (Bill No. 6)




Published under the authority of the Speaker of the

House of Assembly by the Queen’s Printer


The Commemoration of the First World War and the Battle of Beaumont Hamel

       Lest We Forget

Abbott, Arthur John

Barnes, William Edward

Blake, Zachariah

Abbott, Eli

Barrett, Harold George

Blandford, George

Abbott, Fred

Barrett, James

Blundon, Allen

Abbott, George

Barrett, Leonard Josiah

Blyde, Michael John

Abbott, Stanley

Barron, Frank

Bobbett, Matthew

Adams, John Thomas

Barron, James

Boland, Patrick J.

Adams, Otto Herbert

Barrow, Daniel

Bollard, George Edward

Adams, William

Barter, Alexander

Boone, Joseph

Alcock, Augustus

Bartlett, Bertha

Boone, Stephen M.

Alexander, Joseph

Bartlett, Isaac

Boone, Stewart Malcolm

Alexander, Walter Ernest

Bartlett, Joseph Patrick

Booth, John

Alflsen, A.

Bartlett, Mac

Bourden, Harry Hooper

Anderson, Israel

Bartlett, Rupert W.

Boutcher, John W.

Anderson, James

Bartlett, William Washer

Bowden, Hugh Pierson

Andrews, Joseph

Barton, John

Bowe, Walter

Andrews, Walter

Bastow, Albert Chesley

Bower, E.C.

Antle, Gilbert

Bastow, Frederick Donald

Bowman, Charles

Armstrong, R. Gordon

Bastow, Gordon Clarence

Boyd, Alphonso

Arnold, Chesley Gladstone

Belbin, Herbert

Brace, Albert

Ash, Archibald

Belbin, Herbert John

Brace, William James

Aspell, John Joseph

Bellows, Stewart

Bradbury, Malcolm

Atkinson, Arthur

Bendell, James Alexander

Bradley, Wilfred

Atkinson, Michael

Benger, Rance

Bragg, George Philip

Attwood, George

Bennett, Charles

Brake, George Edward

Atwill, Duncan

Bennett, Chesley

Breen, John

Atwill, James

Bennett, Edward

Brent, David

Avery, Hezekiah

Bennett, Hector

Brenton, Albert

Ayles, Alexander

Bennett, James

Brenton, George

Ayre, Edward Alphonsus

Bennett, Leonard Joseph

Brest, John

Ayre, Eric S.

Bennett, Peter Francis

Briely, Duncan

Ayre, Gerald Walter

Bennett, William

Brinson, Lewis

Ayre, Wilfred Douglas

Bennett, William

Brinston, Alison

Babstock, William Thomas

Bennoit, Peter

Brinston, Angus

Badcock, Arthur

Benoit, Benjamin

Brinston, Augustus Perry

Baggs, Arthur

Benoit, James John

Brinston, George

Baker, Esau

Benoit, Joseph H.

Brinston, Leslie

Baker, George

Benoit, Peter

Brinton, Thomas

Baker, Nero

Benoit, Victor Joseph

Brocklehurst, George Augustus

Baldwin, Gilbert

Benoit, Walter

Broderick, Michael

Baldwin, Henry Herbert

Benson, William J.

Brown, Bertram

Baldwin, Uriah

Benson, Wilson

Brown, Edmond

Ball, Mathias

Berrigan, John Thomas

Brown, Edward John

Ballam, Arthur George

Beson, Patrick

Brown, Ernest

Balsom, Ralph Norman

Best, Frank Gordon

Brown, George

Bambury, Samuel

Bewhey, Edward

Brown, Henry

Barbour, George

Billard, Simeon

Brown, James G

Barbour, Horatio

Bishop, Archibald Walter

Brown, James Michael

Barbour, Lester D.

Bishop, Caleb Golding

Brown, John W.

Barbour, Wilfred Hedley

Bishop, George H.

Brown, Louis

Barnes, Enos

Bishop, Wilson

Brown, Orlando

Barnes, Herbert Bramwell

Blackall, Herbert William

Brown, Patrick Joseph

Barnes, John C.

Blackmore, Edgar

Brown, William

Barnes, Lawrence

Blagdon, Thomas


Barnes, Maxwell

Blake, John