Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (ATIPP)

Introduction to House of Assembly ATIPP

On March 18, 2014, an independent committee was appointed to undertake a statutory review of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA). Following the receipt of the committee's recommendations on March 2, 2015, the Provincial Government announced that it intended to enact all legislative changes proposed in the committee’s report. On June 1, 2015 the new ATIPPA, 2015 received royal assent.

The ATIPPA gives the public a right to access House of Assembly records. Although many records are accessible through this Act, there are certain exceptions. The following information cannot be accessed through the ATIPPA:

Personal or constituency records of a Member of the House of Assembly, and records of a registered political party or caucus, as defined in the House of Assembly Accountability, Integrity and Administration Act. The latter are exempt except for review by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and subject to Parliamentary Privilege.

There may also be other restrictions and exceptions with respect to access to records: Part II Division 2, of the ATIPPA, 2015 provides more information on this. Certain restrictions to the access of information are applied to all public bodies.

The House of Assembly and the Statutory Offices protect personal information under the provisions of ATIPPA, 2015. Part III of the Act outlines how personal information is to be collected, used and disclosed.

Please note: This information is for those wishing to submit an ATIPP request to the House of Assembly or the Legislative Branch of government. Should you wish to submit an access request to the Executive Branch of government (departments), you will find the appropriate ATIPP Coordinator on the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Office website.

How to Make an ATIPP Request

How to Request a Review or Make a Privacy Complaint

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