February 27, 1991      HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY PROCEEDINGS    Vol. XLI  No. 94

The House met at 2:00 p.m.

MR. SPEAKER (Lush): On behalf of hon. Members I would like to extend a welcome and congratulations to the Member for St. John's East. Also, I would like to welcome Members and members of the general public to the new Chamber, and trust you will find it pleasing, comfortable and convenient.

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Mr. Speaker, His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor has arrived.

MR. SPEAKER: Admit His Honour, the Lieutenant-Governor.

Mr. Speaker leaves the Chair.

His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor takes the Chair.

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the wish of His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor, that all present be seated.

HIS HONOUR, THE LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR: Mr. Speaker and Members of the Honourable House of Assembly:

The Second Session of the 41st General Assembly of this Honourable House of Assembly is about to be prorogued, but before releasing you from your duties, I wish to thank you for the careful and sympathetic attention given to the important matters brought before you by my Ministers.

Sixty-five pieces of legislation were enacted during this session of the Honourable House of Assembly. In particular, legislative initiatives were taken in development, forestry, transportation, social services, municipal affairs, the administration of justice and health.

Mr. Speaker and Members of the Honourable House of Assembly:

My Government was most pleased that in September of this past year, the two orders of Government and the oil companies involved in offshore development reached an agreement with respect to the Hibernia Project. During the course of this Session, a number of Bills were enacted to facilitate the Province's commitment to the Hibernia Project.

Since my last address to this Honourable House of Assembly, upon the recommendation of the Economic Recovery Commission and the Department of Development, My Government introduced a Bill to establish Enterprise Newfoundland and Labrador Corporation. It is My Government's hope that this new Crown Corporation which restructured the Newfoundland and Labrador Development Corporation and certain functions of the Department of Development will provide a single Crown Agency for all local development and business support programs offered by My Government. This Crown Corporation will also provide the overall planning and co-ordination function for Government departments, agencies and other organizations which have an impact on economic development in the various regions of this Province.

Mr. Speaker, and Members of the Honourable House of Assembly:

In keeping with My Government's desire to encourage and continue the development of resource industries, this Honourable House of Assembly passed An Act to authorize certain agreements between My Government and other parties respecting the future operation of the Corner Brook Newsprint Mill.

A new Forestry Act was enacted. Although this Act revises and consolidates the existing law with respect to the forest resources in the Province, it also provides for a comprehensive system of forest management, it stream-lines the enforcement of the current Forest Land Management and Taxation Act, it modernizes the law with respect to the protection of our forests from hazards such as insects and fires and it provides a new mechanism for the enforcement of the law through the use of violation tickets for certain offences.

In the area of transportation, My Government introduced a Bill that revised the law respecting the regulation of the motor carrier industry in the Province. As well, The Highway Traffic Act, 1988 was amended to facilitate the implementation of the demerit point system and to increase the penalties under that Act to provide a greater deterrence in protecting the lives of our citizens.

Mr. Speaker and Members of the Honourable House of Assembly:

As part of My Government's commitment to reform, My Government introduced amendments to: The Adoption of Children Act, The Day Care and Homemaker Services Act, 1975, The Child Welfare Act, 1972 and The Young Persons Offences Act. With respect to The Adoption of Children Act, the law now provides for the release of information under certain circumstances in order to assist adopted persons in locating their natural parents.

In the area of municipal affairs, My Government introduced amendments to The Assessment Act, 1986, The Urban and Rural Planning Act, and The Municipalities Act. My Government also introduced a Bill to provide for the creation of regional service boards throughout the Province.

In the area of the administration of justice, My Government introduced a revision to the law respecting the sale of securities in the Province. In response to a Report of the Newfoundland Law Reform Commission, a Bill was enacted to reform the common law respecting enduring powers of attorney. The Small Claims Act was amended to increase the monetary jurisdiction from one thousand to three thousand dollars. In order to convenience those who appear before the Crimes Compensation Board, The Criminal Injuries Compensation Act was amended so that individual Board members may be empowered to conduct hearings in different parts of the Province. The Registration of Deeds Act was amended to authorize the use of a computer system for document registration and to provide other housekeeping changes to convenience the public.

Ever mindful of the changes in the field of medicine, My Government introduced a new Chiropractors Act. This Act will ensure that the practice of chiropractic is regulated so that those citizens wishing to avail of the services of a chiropractor, will be assured of receiving professional help. Other health related Acts amended during this Session were: The Welfare Institutions Act, The Department of Health Act and The Western Memorial Hospital Act, 1947.

Mr. Speaker, and Members of the Honourable House of Assembly:

I thank you for the large measure of supply you have granted. I assure you that the appropriations that you have granted have been and will be expended by My Ministers with care and efficiency, and will be distributed with fairness and balance for the betterment of all people in this Province.

It is my pleasure that the Second Session of this 41st General Assembly now be prorogued and it is prorogued accordingly.

MR. SPEAKER: Order please!

Pursuant to the speech of His Honour, this House stands prorogued.