House of Assembly

Province of Newfoundland & Labrador



3rd Session – 47th General Assembly



Wednesday, March 18th, 2015



(a)     Statements by Members

(b)     Statements by Ministers

(c)     Oral Questions

(d)     Presenting Reports by Standing and Select Committees

(e)     Tabling of Documents

(f)      Notices of Motion

(g)     Answers to questions for which notice has been given

(h)     Petitions




1. – Committee of Supply


(a) Resolution and Bill No. 44 Respecting the Granting of Interim Supply to Her Majesty.



2. – Address in Reply

Second Reading Bills


3. – Second Reading of a Bill− “An Act To Revise And Consolidate The Law Respecting The Control Of Liquor In The Province”. (Bill No. 34)      

                                                                                    (Finance and President of Treasury Board)





1. − THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF TRANSPORTATION AND WORKS – To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Amend The Works, Services And Transportation Act”. (Bill No. 21)


2. − THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF NATURAL RESOURCES – To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Amend The Hydro Corporation Act, 2007”. (Bill No. 28)


3. − THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY – To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Amend The Provincial Court Act, 1991”. (Bill No. 43)


4. − THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OFFICE OF PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT – To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Provide The Public With Access To Information And Protection Of Privacy”. (Bill No. 45)


5. – MR. KEVIN POLLARD (Baie Verte - Springdale) – To Move:


WHEREAS the Northern Shrimp fishery is an extremely important fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador;


AND WHEREAS both the inshore and offshore sectors have a history in this fishery and are both important drivers of economic activity in the Province;


AND WHEREAS the inshore sector is adjacent to the northern shrimp resource, has been involved in the fishery since 1997, and was given permanent status in 2007;


AND WHEREAS the application of the Last In, First Out (LIFO) policy in the face of quota cuts has had an extremely disproportionate impact on the inshore sector;


AND WHEREAS Last In, First Out (LIFO) is a policy which is only applied to the northern shrimp fishery;


AND WHEREAS continued application by the Government of Canada of the LIFO policy for northern shrimp will result in widespread economic ruin for hundreds of rural communities in Newfoundland and Labrador and the thousands of our people who earn their living from the northern shrimp resource;


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the House of Assembly urges the Government of Canada to discontinue the LIFO policy and replace the allocation policy for northern shrimp with a new sharing arrangement that is fair to both valued fleets.”



Published under the authority of the Speaker of the

House of Assembly by the Queen’s Printer