House of Assembly

Province of Newfoundland & Labrador



2nd Session – 48th General Assembly



Tuesday, February 27th, 2018



(a)       Statements by Members

(b)     Statements by Ministers

(c)     Oral Questions

(d)     Presenting Reports by Standing and Select Committees

(e)     Tabling of Documents

(f)     Notices of Motion

(g)     Answers to questions for which notice has been given

(h)     Petitions




1. – Address in Reply


                                                                Third Reading Bills


         2. – Third Reading of a Bill − “An Act To Amend The Workplace Health, Safety And Compensation Act”. (Bill No. 30)

                                                                                                                             (Service NL)



Bills Referred to Committee of the Whole


3. – Committee of the Whole on a Bill − “An Act To Amend The Labour Standards Act”. (Bill No. 29)

                                                        (Advanced Education, Skills and Labour)



Second Reading Bills


4. – Second Reading of a Bill − “An Act Respecting The Office Of The Auditor General And The Auditing Of The Public Accounts Of The Province”. (Bill No. 1)

                                                                (Government House Leader)





1.   – THE HONOURABLE THE GOVERNMENT HOUSE LEADER − To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Amend The Order Of Newfoundland And Labrador Act”. (Bill No. 31)


2.    THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF HEALTH AND COMMUNITY SERVICES − To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act Respecting The Newfoundland And Labrador Centre For Health Information”. (Bill No. 32)


3.   – THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY − To ask leave to introduce a Bill entitled, “An Act To Amend The Access To Information And Protection Of Privacy Act, 2015”. (Bill No. 33)




         “THAT the following Standing Orders are amended to come into force on the date of their approval:


1. Standing Order 24(3)(b) is amended by adding immediately after Standing Order 24(3)(b)(iii) the following:


     (iv)  Government Orders.


2. Standing Order 25 is amended by adding immediately after Standing Order 25(2) the following:


     (3)  A Member may make a statement about any subject of interest or concern to him or her;

(4)  The subject matter of a Member's statement may be an anniversary, historic event,  some particular accomplishment, the death of a notable person, matters of local, provincial, national or international significance of a non-contentious nature;


     (5)  Statements by a Member shall not be used to comment on aspects of provincial governmental policy or to reflect on the decision or direction of the House;


     (6)  Statements shall not pose a question but rather express the opinion of the Member;


     (7)  Statements are not debatable, do not lead to the introduction of a motion and are not responded to by any other Member.


I further give notice that I will on tomorrow move the following provisional change:


That the following Standing Order be amended on a provisional basis for the spring sitting of the House.


3. Standing Order 92 is amended by renumbering it as Standing Order 92(1) and by adding immediately after that the following:


     (2)  A Minister in his or her discretion may reply to a petition, and the Minister shall occupy no more than 90 seconds in so doing;


     (3)  A Minister's response under Standing Order 92(2) may be given on the day the petition is presented or the next sitting day only;


     (4) Where in a session multiple petitions of the same subject matter are presented a Minister may respond to each petition in the manner contemplated under Standing 92(3), but only one                 response to a petition with the same subject matter may be made on each sitting day.”



Published under the authority of the Speaker of the

House of Assembly by the Queen’s Printer