House of Assembly

Province of Newfoundland & Labrador



2nd Session – 48th General Assembly



Wednesday, March 7th, 2018



(a)       Statements by Members

(b)     Statements by Ministers

(c)     Oral Questions

(d)     Presenting Reports by Standing and Select Committees

(e)     Tabling of Documents

(f)     Notices of Motion

(g)     Answers to questions for which notice has been given

(h)     Petitions




1. – Address in Reply


Third Reading Bills


2. – Third Reading of a Bill − “An Act To Amend The Public Inquiries Act, 2006”. (Bill No. 35)

                                                                  (Justice and Public Safety)


Second Reading Bills


3. – Second Reading of a Bill − “An Act Respecting The Office Of The Auditor General And The Auditing Of The Public Accounts Of The Province”. (Bill No. 1)

                                                                                                (Government House Leader)




         1. − THE HONOURABLE THE MINISTER OF FINANCE AND PRESIDENT OF TREASURY BOARD – To Move that the House Resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole on Supply to Consider A Certain Resolution for the Granting of Interim Supply to Her Majesty.  (Bill No. 36)


2. – MR. RANDY EDMUNDS (Torngat Mountains) − To Move:


“WHEREAS gender-based violence remains a reality for many women and girls in Newfoundland and Labrador;


AND WHEREAS Indigenous women across the country experience a rate of violence three times higher than non-Indigenous women and are murdered at a rate six times higher;


AND WHEREAS the Moose Hide Campaign is a grassroots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men taking a stand against violence against women and children across Canada;


AND WHEREAS the Moose Hide Campaign promotes the wearing of a small piece of moose hide signifying the wearer’s commitment to honour, respect and protect the women and children in their lives, and to work collaboratively with other men to end gender-based violence;


AND WHEREAS the Moose Hide Campaign movement has spread to over 350 communities across Canada and distributed over one million moose hide pins;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Honourable House encourages all Members of the House of Assembly to support the Moose Hide Campaign and work towards ending violence against all women and children in Newfoundland and Labrador.”



Published under the authority of the Speaker of the

House of Assembly by the Queen’s Printer