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Local Service District of Petite Forte
under the
Municipalities Act, 1999

(Filed August 16, 2011)

Under the authority of section 387 of the Municipalities Act, 1999 I make the following Order.

Dated at St. Johns , August 15, 2011.

Kevin O'Brien
Minister of Municipal Affairs



District continued

        1. The area comprising the community of Petite Forte is continued as a local service district by the name of the Local Service District of Petite Forte.

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        2. The boundaries for the local service district are set out in the Schedule.

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        3. Local Service District of Petit Forte, 2007, Newfoundland and Labrador Regulation 112/07, is repealed.

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Beginning at the highwater mark of the most northerly point of Petite Forte Harbour;

Then running north 70 ° 59' 23" east 1497 metres, more or less, to a high point of land; 

Then running north 134 ° 53' 20" west 1060 metres, more or less, to  where the bridge intersects the highwater mark of the eastern coastline of Northeast Nunsuch Arm;

Then running in a generally southwestwardly direction along the shoreline of the eastern side of Northeast Nunsuch Arm at the highwater mark to Nonsuch Head;

Then running along the shoreline of Petite Forte Harbour in a generally northeastwardly direction via Wild Cove, White Point, Petite Forte, and Petite Forte Cove to the point of beginning.

All bearings being referred to Grid North and as with distances given are subject to approximation as delineated on the 1:50000 National Topographic (Digital) Mapping.