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Code of Ethics Order
under the
Provincial Court Act, 1991

(Filed June 30, 2015)

Under the authority of paragraph 18(1)(e) of the Provincial Court Act, 1991, I make the following Order.

Dated at St. John's , March 23, 2015.

D. Mark Pike
Chair of the Judicial Council of the Provincial Court
of Newfoundland and Labrador



Short title

        1. This Order may be cited as the Code of Ethics Order.

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Code of Ethics

        2. The Code of Ethics for a judge of the court is as set out in the Schedule.

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              1.  A judge shall render justice within the framework of the law.

              2.  A judge shall perform the duties of his or her office with integrity, dignity and honour.

              3.  A judge shall foster professional competence.

              4.  A judge shall avoid any conflict of interest and refrain from entering into a situation or position where the functions of his or her office cannot be faithfully carried out.

              5.  A judge shall be, and shall be seen to be, impartial and objective.

              6.  A judge shall perform the duties of his or her office diligently and devote all efforts to the exercise of his or her functions.

              7.  A judge shall refrain from any activity which is not compatible with his or her office.

              8.  A judge shall act in a reserved, dignified and courteous manner in public.

              9.  A judge shall follow the administrative directives of the chief judge within the performance of his or her office.

            10.  A judge shall uphold the integrity and defend the independence of the judiciary, in the best interest of justice and society.