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Placentia Municipal Planning Area
under the
Urban and Rural Planning Act
(O.C. 96-173)

Under the authority of section 11 of the Urban and Rural Planning Act and the Subordinate Legislation Revision and Consolidation Act , the Lieutenant-Governor in Council defines the following area as the Placentia Municipal Planning Area.


Beginning at a point on the highwater mark of the eastern shoreline of Placentia Bay , that point being the westernmost extremity of Green Point;

Then in a northeasterly direction to the southwestern extremity of a cove locally known as Glen Cove ;

Then in an easterly direction along the southern shoreline of Glen Cove crossing Route 100 to a point, that point being the mouth of an unnamed stream at the easternmost extremity of that cove;

Then south 32° 00' east 1,050 metres, more or less, to a high point ;

Then south 43° 00' east 4,450 metres, more or less, to a high point ;

Then south 51° 30' east 5,650 metres, more or less, to a high point ;

Then north 49° 00' east 6,500 metres, more or less, to a high point ;

Then north 88° 30' east 4,000 metres, more or less, to a point on the southern boundary of the South East River Protected Water Supply Area;

Then by way of the watershed boundary (in a counterclockwise direction) 59° 00' grid azimuth 1,500 metres, 77° 30' grid azimuth 3,500 metres, 60° grid azimuth 4,150 metres, 293° 30' grid azimuth 1,200 metres, 260° 30' grid azimuth 1,800 metres, 243° 15' grid azimuth 1,225 metres, 307° 30' grid azimuth 1,125 metres, 261° 45' grid azimuth 2,450 metres;

Then north 11° 30' west 8,100 metres, more or less, to the easternmost extremity of Healeys Pond;

Then in a northwesterly direction to a point on the centre thread of the water course of an unnamed river and the westernmost extremity of White Cow Ponds;

Then following the centre thread of the water course of that river to the highwater mark of Placentia Sound;

Then following the sinuosities of the shoreline passing Witless Head, Broad Cove Point, Argentia Peninsula , Shalloway Point, Moll Point, Freshwater Cove, Cross Point, Black Cove, Point Verde to Green Point, the point of beginning.

All bearings refer to grid north, central meridian 53° west longitude, and as with distances given are subject to approximation as delineated on the 1:2500 Crown Lands and Surveys Division Mapping and 1:50,000 National Topographic Mapping.


Newfoundland Regulation 7/94 is repealed.