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Pippy Park By-Laws
under the
Pippy Park Commission Act
(O.C. 96-441)

Under the authority of section 27 of the Pippy Park Commission Act and the Subordinate Legislation Revision and Consolidation Act , the Lieutenant-Governor in Council approves the following by-laws made by the C. A. Pippy Park Commission.



1.   Short title

2.   Definitions

3.   Prohibitions

4.   Permit

5.   Date of coming into force

6.   Repeal

Short title

        1. These by-laws may be cited as the Pippy Park By-Laws .

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        2. In these by-laws

             (a)  "airgun " includes those guns commonly referred to as B.B. and pellet guns and all guns operated by pump or spring mechanisms and compressed gas cylinders regardless of the muzzle velocity;

             (b)  "commission sign" means a sign, signboard or poster erected or authorized by the commission;

             (c)  "firearm " means firearm as defined in the Criminal Code;

             (d)  "game " means all wild animals except vermin and fish, but including birds and eggs;

             (e)  "highway " means highway as defined in the Highway Traffic Act ;

              (f)  "litter " means litter, refuse, garbage, rubbish and discarded materials;

             (g)  "livestock " means horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, domestic fur-bearing animals and poultry;

             (h)  "outdoor unscreened fire" means an open fire, whether in a site or container constructed for the purpose or not, from which flames and sparks can escape into the surrounding ground or air;

              (i)  "park " means park as defined in the Highway Traffic Act ;

              (j)  "park area" means public lands and bodies of water within C. A. Pippy Park ;

             (k)  "permit " means a written authorization given by the commission and signed by a person authorized to sign permits by the commission;

              (l)  "vehicle " means a vehicle as defined in the Highway Traffic Act; and

            (m)  "weapon " includes an airgun, compound bow, crossbow, firearm, longbow, paint gun, sling or slingshot.

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        3. In the park area, a person shall not

             (a)  cut, damage, remove or pick trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, guys, stakes, labels or other attachments to those plants without a permit;

             (b)  disturb or remove sand, stone, gravel, topsoil, bog or other like material without a permit;

             (c)  display or exhibit a notice, poster, advertisement or sign without a permit;

             (d)  except where commission signs allow, ride a horse or pony, or drive a horse or pony harnessed to a carriage;

             (e)  operate a vehicle or a type of vehicle where commission signs prohibit the operation of a vehicle or a type of vehicle;

              (f)  operate a vehicle except on highways;

             (g)  damage or remove a seat, commission sign, play equipment, building or other property of the commission or a participating party;

             (h)  carry on a trade, commercial enterprise, amusement, occupation, business or undertaking without a permit except within a building owned by a participating party;

              (i )  use a rake or other mechanical device to assist in the picking of wild fruit or berries;

              (j)  fly a power driven model airplane, rocket or helicopter without a permit;

             (k)  enter on land or proceed upon grass, lawn, turf, seedbed or other plot or area where prohibited by a commission sign;

              (l)  launch , operate or float or permit to be launched, operated or floated, a boat powered by a motor on a body of water, without a permit;

            (m)  use radios or other audio equipment where prohibited by a commission sign;

             (n)  swim in ponds, lakes and streams where prohibited by a commission sign;

             (o)  light or cause to be lit an outdoor unscreened fire without a permit;

             (p )  travel in a vehicle at a speed in excess of a speed posted on a commission sign;

             (q)  park a vehicle contrary to a commission sign;

              (r)  camp in a tent, trailer, recreation vehicle or motor home without a permit;

             (s)  deposit litter except in containers provided for the purpose;

              (t)  pollute or contaminate or cause other injury to the water of a pond, lake, stream or river;

             (u)  dust , spray or otherwise broadcast chemicals, herbicides, insecticides, oils or other noxious substances without a permit;

             (v)  catch , or attempt to catch, take or remove fish from a pond, lake, stream or river or part of a pond, lake, stream or river, where prohibited by a commission sign;

            (w)  molest , harass, hunt, wound, kill or capture game without a permit;

             (x)  allow a dog or other domestic animal to roam, walk, run or otherwise to move, unless that dog or other domestic animal is on a leash;

             (y)  allow a dog or other domestic animal to excrete, unless the person who has control or care over the dog or other domestic animal removes the excrement to containers provided by the commission for depositing litter or from the park area;

             (z)  allow livestock under the control of a person to be in the park area without a permit;

           (aa )  fire, discharge, shoot, aim, draw or use a weapon without a permit.

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        4. The commission may provide a permit to a person or participating party to take or kill game or fish in the park area

             (a)  for scientific or propagatory purposes; or

             (b)  for game management purposes.

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Date of coming into force

        5. These by-laws come into force on June 30, 1996 .

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        6. The C. A. Pippy Park By-laws, 1970, Newfoundland Regulation 70/78, are repealed.