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Grand Codroy Provincial Park Proclamation, 1997
under the
Provincial Parks Act

(O.C. 97- 331)

(Filed June 13, 1997)

Under the authority of section 4 of the Provincial Parks Act , the Lieutenant-Governor in Council proclaims the area described in the Schedule to be a provincial park.

Dated at St. Johns , June 4, 1997 .

John Cummings
for the Clerk of the Executive Council.

                   The Grand Codroy Provincial Park Proclamation , Consolidated Newfoundland Regulation 1052/96, is repealed.

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All that piece or parcel of land situate and being at the Grand Codroy River , in the Electoral District of St. Georges-Stephenville East, abutted and bounded as follows, that is to say:

Beginning at a point in the low water mark of the southerly bank of Grand Codroy River, the point being distant 1,466 metres, more or less, as measured on a bearing of north 52° 43 13" west from Control Monument No. 84G4188;

Then running along the low water mark of the southerly bank of Grand Codroy River in a general westerly direction for a distance of 790 metres, more or less;

Then running along the low water mark of the northerly shoreline of a lagoon in general southeasterly, northeasterly, southerly, easterly, and northerly directions for a distance of 780 metres, more or less;

Then running by Crown land north 34° 52 20" east 126 metres, more or less, to the point of beginning, the above described piece or parcel of land containing an area of 8.5 hectares, more or less.

All bearings being referred to the central meridian of 58° 30 west longitude in the 3° Transverse Mercator Projection . NAD 27.