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 Department of Education Notice, 2003 75/03
 Department of Environment and Conservation Notice, 2008 52/08
 Department of Finance Notice, 2003 78/03
 Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture Notice, 2003 79/03
 Department of Government Services and Lands Notice, 2003 81/03
 Department of Health and Community Services Notice, 2003 82/03
 Department of Human Resources and Employment Notice, 2003 83/03
 Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development Notice 84/03
 Department of Justice Notice, 2003 85/03
 Department of Labour Notice 86/03
 Department of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs Notice 87/03
 Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs Notice, 2003 89/03
 Department of Natural Resources Notice 51/08
 Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation Notice, 2003 90/03
 Department of Works, Services and Transportation Notice, 2003 91/03
 Department of Youth Services and Post-Secondary Education Notice 92/03
 Executive Council Notice 77/03