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 Accessible Parking Regulations 24/19
 Ambulance, Bus, School Bus, Taxi and Commercial Motor Vehicles Insurance Regulations CNLR 999/96
 Bus Regulations CNLR 1000/96
 Cargo Securement Regulations 152/04
 Carrier Safety Regulations CNLR 1160/96
 Highway Traffic Demerit Point System Regulations (Sch amended by 2017 c10 s16) CNLR 753/96
 Highway Traffic Driver Regulations, 1999 (s26.2 amended by 2013 c16 s26) 110/98
 Highway Traffic Snow Clearing Regulations CNLR 14/96
 Hours of Service Regulations, 2006 94/06
 Licensing and Equipment Regulations CNLR 1007/96
 Official Inspection Station Regulations CNLR 1002/96
 Presence and Prohibited Proportion of Drugs Regulations 85/18
 Reciprocity with Ontario-Applying the Provisions of Subsection 77(1) Order CNLR 778/96
 Roads Owned by the Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited Order CNLR 1003/96
 Special Events Regulations 80/09
 Trip Inspection Report Regulations 27/12
 Vehicle Seizure and Impoundment Regulations, 2012 62/12
 Vehicles Regulations, 2001 81/01