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 Copper-in-Concentrate Exemption Order, 2013 39/13
 Description of Lands Open for Staking in respect of which the Mineral Claims Recorder shall Issue only Map Staked Licences Order CNLR 1015/96
 Mineral Act Baie Verte Area Exemption Regulations CNLR 964/96
 Mineral Regulations (These regulations were consolidated as of Oct. 11/96 as opposed to Dec. 31/95) (ss2 & 13 amended by SNL2006 c40 s12) CNLR 1143/96
 Nickel-in-Concentrate Exemption Order, 2015 21/15
 Voisey’s Bay Nickel Company Limited Primary Production Order 63/02
 Voisey's Bay Nickel Company Limited Matte Plant Exemption Order 65/02