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 Air Pollution Control Regulations, 2004 39/04
 Environmental Assessment Regulations, 2003 54/03
 Gasoline Volatility Control Regulations, 2003 62/03
 Halocarbon Regulations 41/05
 Heating Oil Storage Tank System Regulations, 2003 60/03
 Order - Aerial Forest Spray Programs of the Department of Forest Resources and Agrifoods using Bacillus thuringienis (B.t.) Exemption Order 59/98
 Order - Duck Pond Copper-Zinc Mine Undertaking Order 2/02
 Order - Fischell’s Brook Gypsum Quarry Access Road Exemption Order 114/98
 Order - Gisborne Lake Water Export Undertaking Order 97/99
 Order - Kami Iron Ore Project Undertaking Order 1/14
 Order - Labrador-Island Transmission Link Undertaking Release Order 87/13
 Order - Long Harbour Phosphorus Plant Site Final Decommissioning Order 2/96
 Order - Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation Project Undertaking Order 18/12
 Order - Red Bay to Cartwright Road Approval of Construction Order 39/99
 Order - Terra Nova Development Project Exemption Order 37/96
 Order - Voisey’s Bay Mining Development Undertaking Exemption Order 21/97
 Order - Voisey's Bay Nickel Company Limited Mine and Mill Undertaking Order 74/99
 Order - Wabush 3 Open Pit Mine Project Undertaking Release Order 71/15
 Pesticides Control Regulations, 2012 26/12
 Placentia Bay Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture Undertaking Release Order 78/18
 Storage and Handling of Gasoline and Associated Products Regulations, 2003 58/03
 Storage of PCB Wastes Regulations, 2003 61/03
 Used Oil and Used Glycol Control Regulations 100/18
 Waste Diversion Regulations 57/05
 Waste Management Regulations, 2003 (s11 amended by SNL2004 c36 s53) (s23 amended by SNL2006 c40 s20) (s3 amended by SNL2016 cI-2.1 s23) (s3, amended by SNL2017 c10 s31) 59/03
 Waste Material Disposal Areas CNLR 998/96