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Local Service District of Burnt Point -
Gull Island - Northern Bay
under the
Municipalities Act, 1999

(Filed December 1, 2003 )

Under the authority of sections 387 and 390 of the Municipalities Act , 1999 I make the following Order.

Dated at St. Johns , November 27, 2003 .

Jack Byrne
Minister of Municipal and Provincial Affairs



District established

        1. The area comprising the communities of Burnt Point, Gull Island and Northern Bay in the Electoral District of Trinity-Bay de Verde is established as a local service district by the name of the Local Service District of Burnt Point-Gull Island-Northern Bay .

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        2. The boundaries for the local service district shall be the area comprising the communities.

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Committee to be elected

        3. A local service district committee shall be elected to control and manage the affairs of the local service district according to the Municipalities Act, 1999 and the Local Service District Regulations .