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City of Mount Pearl Coat of Arms and Flag Order
under the
City of
Mount Pearl Act
(O.C. 2007-072)

(Filed March 6, 2007 )

Under the authority of sections 7 and 11 of the City of Mount Pearl Act , the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following Order.

Dated at St. Johns , March 2, 2007 .

Robert C. Thompson
Clerk of the Executive Council



Short title

        1. This Order may be cited as the City of Mount Pearl Coat of Arms and Flag Order.

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Coat of Arms

        2. The Coat of Arms of the City of Mount Pearl is proclaimed as set out in Schedule A.

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        3. The flag of the City of Mount Pearl is proclaimed as set out in Schedule B.

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Schedule A

City of Mount Pearl

The coat of arms is comprised of a red shield bearing a white bend symbolic of Sir James Pearls military honour.   The bend is charged with three groups of three progressional roundels, representing continual growth.   The crest, an encircled yellow cross, gives visual form to the motto "OMNIA AD DEI GLORIAM" (all to the glory of God).   The black supporters are Newfoundland dogs.   The one on the dexter faces the one on the sinister and vice versa.   Together they stand strong and proud, radiating friendship and co-operation.   Two light blue ribbons contain the coat of arms inscriptions.   Flying above the crest in reverse type is the motto OMNIA AD DEI GLORIAM and standing below the base, also in reverse type, the inscription reads JAN 11 MOUNT PEARL 1955.

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Schedule B

City of Mount Pearl

The flag is composed of a three sectioned shield against a blue diagonal cross on a white background.   The top left section of the shield is patterned after part of the British Union Jack while the top right section resembles a portion of the flag of Newfoundland and Labrador .   The combination of the two represents the history of Mount Pearl as land granted by England to Commander Pearl.

The centre section of the shield displays the Mount Pearl Coat of Arms.

The lower portion of the shield is designed to express a visual concept of growth, signifying our association with industrial expansion and our dedication to the preservation of the environment and green spaces.

The blue cross against which the shield is laid reminds us of the flag of Nova Scotia , the birthplace of our founding father, Sir James Pearl.