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Glenburnie -Birchy Bay-Shoal Brook Municipal Planning Area, 2007
under the
Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000

(Filed April 16, 2007 )

Under the authority of section 11 of the Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000 I define the following area as the Glenburnie-Birchy Bay-Shoal Brook Municipal Planning Area.

Dated at St. Johns , April 9, 2007 .

Jack Byrne
Minister of Municipal Affairs


Beginning at Baileys Point and then running generally southeastward along the western side of South Arm, Bonne Bay, following the shoreline via Shoal Brook, Silver Point, Birchy Head, Silverton and Glenburnie to and then south 23 ° 00' east along the boundary of the Gros Morne National Park to Iron Post No. 1188-W;

Then proceeding along a line of demarcation with the national park, Regional Surveyor Plan No. 82-14, south 50 ° 47' 25" west 152.444 metres to Iron Post No. 118-W, south 50 ° 47' 28" west 194.076 metres to Iron Post No. 117-W, south 49 ° 31' 29" west 233.122 metres to Iron Post No. 116-W, south 49 ° 33' 40" west 520.896 metres to Iron Post No. 1300-W, south 46 ° 00' west 1,680.473 metres, north 45 ° 00' west 823.345 metres, north 11 ° 00' east 1,100 metres, north 8 ° 15' west 2,830 metres, north 29 ° 00' west 2,200 metres, more or less;

Then along a line of demarcation with the Woody Point planning area following a power transmission line south 87 ° 30' east 280 metres, more or less, and north 43 ° 30' east 132 metres, more or less, to a point;

Then north 20 ° 00' west 650 metres, more or less, to a point common to the Woody Point and Glenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal Brook municipal boundaries;

Then south 74 ° east 791 metres, more or less, to a point directly distance approximately 255 metres, more or less, northwestward from Baileys Point and having co-ordinates north 5,482,620.87 metres and east 346,466.29 metres;

Then following the shoreline via St. Joseph s Cove to Baileys Point, the point of beginning.

All bearings refer to the 3 ° modified T.M. grid, central meridian 58 ° 30' west longitude.

The Glenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal Brook Municipal Planning Area , Consolidated Newfoundland and Labrador Regulation 853/96, is repealed.