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Evacuated Communities, 1974
Confirmation Order
under the
Evacuated Communities Act

(Filed March 29, 2016)

Under the authority of section 3 of the Evacuated Communities Act , I make the following order.

Dated at St. Johns , March 23, 2016.

Eddie Joyce
Minister of Municipal Affairs



Short title

        1. This order may be cited as the Evacuated Communities, 1974 Confirmation Order .

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Vacated communities confirmed

        2. The following communities are confirmed as vacated communities as of the date of publication of The Evacuated Communities Order, 1974 , Newfoundland Regulation 11/74, in the Gazette and, notwithstanding the repeal of that order, continue to be vacated communities for the purposes of the Act:

Alexander Bay Station

Anderson 's Cove, F.B.

Bar Haven, P.B.

Barachois Cove, H. Bay

Barge Bay , Labrador

Barrisway, De Plate, F.B.

Barrow, F.B.

Batteau, Labrador

Barton, T.B.

Battle Harbour , Labrador

Bay De L'Eau East, F.B.

Bay De L'Eau Island , F.B.

Bay du Nord, F.B.

Bear Cove, W.B.

Birch Island , Labrador

Black Duck Cove, Via Irelands Eye

Black Island , Via Exploits

Black Island , Hillgrade

Blow Me Down, Carbonear

Blow Me Down, Kingsmans

Bluff Head Cove, Labrador

Bobby's Cove, Pleasantview

Bobby's Cove, Port Royal
Bonalds Island
, Lamaline

Browns Cove, W.B.

Brunette Island , F.B.

Burnt Arm, Laurencetown

Burnt Island , F.B.

Butlers Cove, Via Point Leamington

Camp 1, Via Baie Verte

Canada Harbour , W.B.N.

Cape Cove , South of Cape Freels

Cape Freels South, B.B.

Cape La Hune, H.B.

Chimney Cove, North of Bay of Islands

Cape Island , Bonavista North

Clattice Hr., N.W.

Clattice Hr., S.W. P.B.

Colinet Island , S.M.B.

Coney Arm, W.B.

Coppett, Burgea & LaPoile

Corbin, F.B.

Cow Head (Summerside) St. Barbe

Cowards Island , B.B.

Crants Point, Via Milltown

Crawleys Island , P.B.

Croke, N.E. & N.W. and W.B.N

Boones Point, Cottrells Cove

Bradleys Cove, C.B.

Braggs Island , B.B.

Brakes Cove, Bay of Islands

Brewley, P.B.

British Harbour , T.B.

Deer Island . T.B.

Deer Island , B.B.

Deer Island , Ramea

Delby's Cove, Trinity North

Doctors Hr., F.B.

Dog Cove

Dog Cove, Burgeo

Dove Brook, Labrador

East St. Modeste, Labrador

Eastward Cove, Via Branch

Emberleys Pond, Via Boyds Cove

Esquimo Island , Labrador


Fair Island , B.B.

Fishell River , Via Heatherton

Fishells River East, Via Heatherton

Fishers Cove, Bonavista

Flat Island , P.B.

Flat Islands , B.B.

Flat Rock, Carbonear

Gads Harbour , Via Norris Point

Gallows Cove, Ferryland

Georges Cove, W.B.S.

Gold Cove, W.B.,

Goose Cove, Labrador

Grandby Island , W.B.

Grand John, P.B.

Great Bonia, P.B.

Great Hr., H.B

Great Jarvis, H.B.

Great Paradise , P.B.

Green Island , B.B.

Groais Island , W.B.

Kings Cove, St. Barbe

Kingwell, P.B.

Lakes Beach , F.B.

Lally Cove, F.B.

Lamanche, Southern Shore

Lance Cove (Lancaster ) Via Bonavista

Lance au Diable, Labrador

Lears Cove, Cape St. Mary's

Little Bay West, L.B.

Little Bridgeport , New World Islands

Little Bonia, P.B.

Cul du Sac East, H.B.

Cul du Sac West, H.B.

Current Island , St. Barbe

Daniels Cove, T.B.

Grole, H.B.

Gullies, Via Harbour Grace

Harbour Island , P.B.

Hardys Cove, North Hr. Breton

Hare Hr., F.B.

Haystack, P.B.

Heads Hr., N.D.B

Henley Hr., Labrador

Hodderville, B.B.

Hoop Cove, F.B.

Hooping Hr., W.B.

Horse Islands , W.B.

House Cove, T.B.

Hr. Buffett, N.E Placentia Bay

Hr. Buffett, P.B.

Hunts Island , Burgeo

Indian Bay Depot, B.B.

Indian Burying Place, S.E. of Baie Verte

Indian Harbour , Placentia West

Indian Islands , Fogo District

Inglewood , Trinity North

Iona , P.B.

Ireland Bight, St. Anthony

Ireland Eye, T.B.

Island Cove, Via Long Beach , T.B.

Isle Valen , P.B.

Ivanhoe, T.B.

Jersey Hr., Via Hr. Breton

Johns Pond, S.M.B.

Jigging Cove, Via Rushoon

Kearleys Hr., S.W. of Catalina

Mehaneys Point, Hillgrade

Merasheen, P.B.

Millertown Branch, Via Badger

Millers Passage, F.B.

Mistaken Cove, St. Barbe

Mosquito, H.B.

Mosquito, S.M.B

Muddy Bay , Cartwright, Labrador

Muddy Cove, Cobbs Arm

Muddy Hole, N.B.

New Harbour, F.B.

Newport , B.B.

Little Brehat, W.B.

Little Harbour, P.B.

Little Harbour Deep, W.B.

Little Harbour West, P.B.

Little Paradise , P.B.

Little Passage, N.B

Little Reach, F.B.

Lobster Hr., Via Hillgrade

Lock's Cove, Hare Bay

Locksporte, Via Glovers Hr.

Lomond, Bonne May

Long Beach , F.B.

Long Harbour Beach , P.B.

Long Point, Port au Port Peninsula

Loreburn, T.B.

Loretto, P.A.P.

Lower Head, Twillingate

Lower Little Hr., Via Twillingate

Lower Tickles, Hr. Buffett

Lumsden North, N.D.B.

Mansfield 's Point, G.B

Marquise Cove, Red Island

Point Crewe, South of Fortune

Point Rosie, F.B.

Popes Harbour , Random Island

Port Anne, P.B.

Port Elizabeth , P.B.

Port Nelson, B.B.

Port Royal , P.B.

Presque, P.B.

Proswton, P.B.

Pulchards Island , B.B.

Pumbley Cove, W.B.

Purcell Hr. (Southside), Twillingate Island

Pushtrough, H.B.

Radio Range , Gander

Raymonds Point , Via Gaultois

Red Cove, F.B. District

Red Island , Burgeo

Red Rod Cove, N.D.B.

Recontre West, F.B.

Richards Hr., H.B.

River of Ponds Brook, St. Barbe

Robinsons Highway (West), St. George's Bay

Rogers Cove, N.W.I

Rouge Harbour , G.B.

Round Hr., Hermitage

Roundabout, Via Lawn

Safe Hr., B.B.

Sagona Island , F.B.

North Arm, LaPoile

North East Arm. W.B.

North East Brook, Roddickton

North East Cove, N. Buffett

North West Arm. B.B.

Northern Hr., Little Bay Islands

Nuggetville, Via Markland

Oderin, P.B.

Otterbury, Carbonear

Otters Point, West of Burgeo

Paddocks Bights, G.B.

Pardys Island , Burin

Patricks Hr., H.B.

Patricks Island , P.B.

Parsons Harbour

Pauls Island , P.B.

Pease Cove, F.B.

Penquin Arm, Bay of Islands

Pinch Gut Tickle, S.M.B.

Piccaire, H.B.

Shoe Cove Bight, N.D.B.

Silver Fox Island , B.B.

Sops Island , W.B.

Sops Island West, W.B.

South Branch, Northside Codroy

South East Arm, Cottrells Cove

South Island , P.B.

South West Arm, B.B.

South West Island , B.B.

Southside of Smiths Hr., G.B.

Spencers Cove, P.B.

Spirity Cove, St. Barbe

Spread Eagle, T.B.

St. Annes, P.B.

St. John's Bay , Via Coombs Cove

St. Jobs Bay, F.B.

St. Jones Without, T.B.

St. Joseph 's, P.B.

St. Kyrans, P.B.

St. Leonards, P.B.

Starb Hr., Via Herring Neck

Stone Valley , H.B.

Stones Cove, F.B.

Sunnyside, W.B.

Sydney Cove, B.B.

Tacks Beach , P.B.

The Head, Summerville

Tickle Beach , F.B.

Tickle Island , S.M.B.

Salvage East, B.B.

Sand Hill Bay , Labrador

Sandy Cove, Via Port au Choix

Sandy Cove, Twillingate

Sandy Point , St. Georges

Triton east, N.D.B.

Thoroughfare, B.F.

Turnip Cove, F.B.

Vardyville, Randon Island

Virgin Arm Pond, N.D.B.

Wadham Island , Fogo District

Wandsworth, Via Burin

Webbers Cove, West of St. Lawrence

Wellmans Cove, Sunday Cove Island

West Bay , Labrador

West Botton , Halls Bat

Tickles, Hr. Buffett

Tickles (outside Haricot)

Tilleys Pond, Via Nippers Hr.

Toslow, P.B.

Traytown, T.B.

West Point , LaPoile

Western Arm, Pushthrough

Western Arm, W.B.

Western Cove, Bar Haven

Western Head, N.W.I.

Whales Gulch (Cove outside)

White Rock, T.B.

Wild Beach , Via Jean De Bay

Wild Cove, Via Seldom

Williamsporte, W.B.

Winterhouse Cove, near Glovers Hr.