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Financial Administration Regulations
under the
Financial Administration Act
(O.C. 2018 - 075)

(Filed May 17, 2018)

Under the authority of section 9 of the Financial Administration Act , the Treasury Board, with the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following regulations.

Dated at St. John’s , May 17, 2018.

Tom Osborne
President of Treasury Board

Ann Marie Hann
Clerk of the Executive Council



1.   Short title

2.   Definitions

3.   Eligibility

4.   Eligibility criteria

5.   Term

6.   Reporting

7.   Revocation

8.   Review

Short title

        1. These regulations may be cited as the Financial Administration Regulations .

38/18 s1

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        2. In these regulations

             (a)  "Act" means the Financial Administration Act ;

             (b)  "community-based organization" means an organization that is representative of a community or a significant segment of a community and is engaged in meeting social and community needs; and

             (c)  "multi-year grant" means an agreement entered into for funds to be granted in a subsequent fiscal year in accordance with subsection 26(4.1) of the Act;

38/18 s2

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        3. A multi-year grant may only be issued to a community-based organization.

38/18 s3

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Eligibility criteria

        4. The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may authorize a multi-year grant where the community-based organization satisfies the following criteria:

             (a)  it submits a completed grant funding application to the department responsible for the grant in the form and manner determined by the minister of that department;

             (b)  it is incorporated under the Corporations Act and is in good standing;

             (c)  it operates in the province and its head office is located in the province;

             (d)  it has operated for a minimum of 3 years at the time it submits its application; and

             (e)  it has received previous funding from government and it satisfied previous performance and reporting requirements.

38/18 s4

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        5. A multi-year grant shall only be issued for a maximum term of 3 fiscal years.

38/18 s5

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        6. A community-based organization that receives a multi-year grant shall submit the reports and other documents required to be submitted under the multi-year grant to the minister of the department responsible for the grant in the time and manner determined by that minister.

38/18 s6

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        7. The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may revoke a multi-year grant where the community-based organization contravenes a term of the multi-year grant.

38/18 s7

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        8. (1) The minister shall, every 5 years, conduct a review of these regulations and consider the areas which may be improved.

38/18 s8