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June 5, 2014                HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY MANAGEMENT COMMISSION                No. 46

The Management Commission met at approximately 8:50 a.m. in the House of Assembly Chamber.


MR. SPEAKER (Verge): It looks like we are ready.


I would like to welcome the members of the Management Commission to the meeting – the meeting that was scheduled to take place a couple of days ago, but we had to postpone it.  I would take a minute to ask the members of the Commission to introduce themselves, starting with Mr. Parsons.


MR. A. PARSONS: Andrew Parsons, MHA, Burgeo – La Poile.


MR. BALL: Dwight Ball, MHA, Humber Valley.


MS MICHAEL: Lorraine Michael, MHA, Signal Hill – Quidi Vidi.


MR. KING: Darin King, MHA, Grand Bank, and Government House Leader.


MR. HUTCHINGS: Keith Hutchings, MHA, Ferryland, and Deputy House Leader.


MS BARNES: Sandra Barnes, Clerk.


MS KEEFE: Marie Keefe, Clerks Office. 


MR. SPEAKER: I am Wade Verge, the Member for Lewisporte District and Deputy Speaker, filling in for the Speaker of the House today in this meeting, as he could not be with us. 


We had a brief in camera meeting.  There are no decisions to report from that meeting.  We will move right into Tab 2, approval of minutes for the last meeting.


MS MICHAEL: So moved.


MR. SPEAKER: It is moved by Ms Michael and seconded by Mr. Parsons that we adopt the minutes. 


All those in favour, ‘aye.




MR. SPEAKER: Carried.


On motion, minutes adopted as circulated.


MR. SPEAKER: Tab 3 is just a report.  It is some financial information, as is the usual requirement to report this information. 


Are there any questions or discussion? 


Seeing none, we move to Tab 4.  In Tab 4 we have two letters of appeal.  One is from the Member for Labrador West.  This member has submitted a claim and the claim was denied because it was past the thirty days at the end of the fiscal year.  There is a requirement that all claims, at the end of the fiscal year, be submitted prior to the thirty-day deadline.  Corporate Members have reviewed the claim, it is an allowable expense, and we are asking for a decision. 


MS MICHAEL: I have a question, please.




MS MICHAEL: I am curious, because usually when we have a request like this and we approve it, it is within one budget year, but here the delay actually moves it beyond a budget year.  So would this be coming out of the 2013-2014 budget or the 2014-2015 budget now?


MR. SPEAKER: There is no provision for it to come out of last years budget.  So while it is an allowable expense – and there are sufficient funds in the members expense category of last year to cover it, but because it is past the deadline, it would come out of next years allocation.


MS MICHAEL: That is fine.  That is what I was hoping the answer was.


MR. SPEAKER: So, I would entertain a motion.


MR. A. PARSONS: So moved.


MR. SPEAKER: Moved by Mr. Parsons; seconded by Ms. Michael – and I assume the motion is that we would pay this claim?



MR. SPEAKER: All those in favour, ‘aye.




MR. SPEAKER: Carried.


The second one is a similar type claim.  It is from the Member for Humber East.  Again, for the same reason, the claim was not submitted within the thirty-day deadline after the end of the fiscal year.  The claim has been reviewed and the expenses are allowable.  If they had been submitted on time, it would have been paid. 


Is there any discussion?  I would entertain a motion.


MR. K. PARSONS: So moved.


MR. SPEAKER: It is moved by Mr. Parsons and seconded by Mr. King that this expense be paid.


In Tab 5, there is a budget transfer request, a transfer of funds to the Official Opposition caucus.  Whenever the numbers in any caucus change, there is a transfer that needs to take place in accordance with the House of Assembly Accountability, Integrity and Administration Act.  So, this is a straightforward transfer of funds to the caucus of the Official Opposition.


Is there any discussion or any questions?


I would entertain a motion that the transfer take place.


MS MICHAEL: So moved.


MR. SPEAKER: Moved by Ms Michael; seconded by Mr. Hutchings.


CLERK: We need to have this signed by a member of the Management Commission.


MR. SPEAKER: If a member of the Management Commission could please sign, then.


Tab 6 contains a budget transfer report for the funds that have been transferred since the last reporting date.

Are there any questions on that, or any discussion?  There is no motion required; that is just for information purposes.


Seeing none, I want to thank the members of the Commission for their time, and I will entertain a motion that we now adjourn.


MR. KING: So moved.


MR. SPEAKER: Moved by Mr. King; seconded by Ms Michael.


Thank you very much.


On motion, meeting adjourned.