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  Statutes of Newfoundland 1992

Chapter Act
Chapter 1 Interim Supply Act, 1992
Chapter 2 Supplementary Supply Act, 1990-91
Chapter 3 Supplementary Supply Act, 1991-92 (No. 2)
Chapter 4 Loan and Guarantee (Amendment) Act
Chapter 5 Local Authority Guarantee (Amendment) Act
Chapter 6 Public Utilities (Amendment) Act
Chapter 7 Supply Act, 1992
Chapter 8 Tobacco Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 9 Income Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 10 Health and Post-Secondary Education Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 11 Public Service Commission (Amendment) Act
Chapter 12 Liquor Corporation (Amendment) Act
Chapter 13 Insurance Adjusters, Agents and Brokers (Amendment) Act
Chapter 14 Provincial Parks (Amendment) Act
Chapter 15 Canada-Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation (Newfoundland) (Amendment) Act
Chapter 16 Taxation Statutes Amendment Act
Chapter 17 Labour Standards (Amendment) Act
Chapter 18 Liquor Control (Amendment) Act and Liquor Corporation (Amendment) Act
Chapter 19 Election (Amendment) Act
Chapter 20 Municipalities (Amendment) Act
Chapter 21 Loan Act, 1992
Chapter 22 Tobacco Tax (Amendment) Act No. 2
Chapter 23 Supplementary Supply Act, 1991-92 (No. 3)
Chapter 24 Tobacco Tax (Amendment) Act No. 3
Chapter 25 Gasoline Tax (Amendment) Act No. 2
Chapter 26 Highway Traffic (Amendment) Act
Chapter 27 Farm Products Corporation (Amendment) Act
Chapter 28 Registered Nurses (Amendment) Act
Chapter 29 Workers' Compensation (Amendment) Act
Chapter 30 Waste Material Disposal (Amendment) Act
Chapter 31 Municipal Grants (Amendment) Act
Chapter 32 Welfare Institutions (Amendment) Act
Chapter 33 Department of Health (Amendment) Act
Chapter 34 Medical (Amendment) Act
Chapter 35 Shops' Closing (Amendment) Act
Chapter 36 Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Act
Chapter 37 Gasoline Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 38 Leaseholds in St. John's (Amendment) Act
Chapter 39 Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 1992
Chapter 40 Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act
Chapter 41 Mineral (Amendment) Act
Chapter 42 Occupational Health and Safety (Amendment) Act
Chapter 43 Buildings Accessibility (Amendment) Act
Chapter 44 Gasoline Tax (Amendment) Act, Horse Racing Regulation and Tax (Amendment) Act, Liquor Control (Amendment) Act and Retail Sales Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 45 Public Service Pensions (Amendment) Act, 1991
Chapter 46 Uniformed Services Pensions (Amendment) Act, 1991
Chapter 47 Canada-Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation Newfoundland (Amendment) Act No. 2
Chapter 48 Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 1992 (No.2)
Chapter 49 Waste Material Disposal (Amendment) Act No. 2
Chapter 50 Highway Traffic (Amendment) Act  No. 2
Chapter 51 Summary Proceedings (Amendment) Act, Liquor Control (Amendment) Act and Motorized Snow Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles (Amendment) Act
Chapter 52 Election (Amendment) Act, Jury (Amendment) Act, 1991 and Elections (Amendment) Act, 1991
Chapter 53 Public Sector Restraint (Amendment) Act, 1992
Chapter 54 Gasoline Tax (Amendment) Act No. 3
Chapter 55 Tobacco Tax (Amendment) Act No. 4
Chapter 56 Electoral Boundaries (Amendment) Act
Chapter 57 Child Welfare (Amendment) Act
Chapter A-23 Avian Emblem Act
Chapter E-3.1 Elections Act, 1991
Chapter F-7.1 Fees Regulations Amendment and Repeal Act
Chapter H-1.1 Health and Social Agencies Act
Chapter P-41.1 Public Sector Restraint Act, 1992
Chapter R-17 Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Act, 1992
Chapter S-10.1 School Tax Authorities Winding Up Act
Chapter S-18.1 Social Workers Association Act
Chapter S-26.1 Statutes Amendment Act, 1992
Chapter T-0.1 Taxation of Utilities and Cable Television Companies Act