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  Statutes of Newfoundland 1999

Chapter Act
Chapter 1 Interim Supply Act, 1999
Chapter 2 Supply Act, 1999
Chapter 3 Supplementary Supply Act, 1997-98
Chapter 4 Supplementary Supply Act, 1998-99
Chapter 5 Local Authority Guarantee (Amendment) Act, 1957
Chapter 6 Loan Act, 1999
Chapter 7 Denturists (Amendment) Act
Chapter 8 Tobacco Control (Amendment) Act
Chapter 9 Health and Post-Secondary Education Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 10 Financial Administration (Amendment) Act
Chapter 11 Public Tender (Amendment) Act
Chapter 12 Income Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 13 Jury (Amendment) Act, 1991
Chapter 14 Internal Economy Commission (Amendment) Act
Chapter 15 Environment (Amendment) Act
Chapter 16 Local Authority Guarantee (Amendment) Act, 1957 No. 2
Chapter 17 Loan and Guarantee (Amendment) Act, 1957
Chapter 18 Securities (Amendment) Act
Chapter 19 Registered Nurses (Amendment) Act
Chapter 20 Coat of Arms (Amendment) Act
Chapter 21 Income Tax (Amendment) Act No. 2
Chapter 22 Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 1999
Chapter 23 Queen’s Counsel (Amendment) Act
Chapter 24 Loan (Canada Pension Plan Investment Fund) (Amendment) Act, 1966
Chapter 25 Human Rights Code (Amendment) Act
Chapter 26 Physiotherapy (Amendment) Act
Chapter 27 Financial Administration (Amendment) Act No. 2
Chapter 28 Occupational Health and Safety (Amendment) Act
Chapter 29 Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining (Amendment) (Amendment) Act
Chapter 30 Forestry (Amendment) Act
Chapter 31 Proceedings Against the Crown (Amendment) Act and Public Officials Garnishee (Amendment) Act
Chapter 32 Electrical Power Control (Amendment) Act, 1994 and Public Utilities (Amendment) Act
Chapter 33 Wilderness and Ecological Reserves (Amendment) Act
Chapter 34 Schools (Amendment) Act, 1997
Chapter 35 Teachers’ Pensions (Amendment) Act
Chapter 36 Public Service Pensions (Amendment) Act, 1991
Chapter 37 Judicature (Amendment) Act
Chapter 38 City of Corner Brook (Amendment) Act, City of Mount Pearl (Amendment) Act, City of St. John’s (Amendment) Act and St. John’s Assessment (Amendment) Act
Chapter 39 Medical (Amendment) Act
Chapter 40 Highway Traffic (Amendment) Act
Chapter 41 Works, Services and Transportation (Amendment) Act
Chapter A-2.1 Adoption Act
Chapter A-12.1 Apprenticeship and Certification Act
Chapter H-37.2 Health and Community Services Resumption and Continuation Act
Chapter L-9.1 Law Society Act, 1999
Chapter M-5.1 Medical Care Insurance Act, 1999
Chapter M-15.1 Mining Act
Chapter M-24 Municipalities Act, 1999
Chapter W-4.1 Water Resources Protection Act