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  Statutes of Newfoundland and Labrador 2005

Chapter Act
Chapter 1 Interim Supply Act, 2005
Chapter 2 Supplementary Supply Act, 2004-2005
Chapter 3 Supply Act, 2005
Chapter 4 Supplementary Supply Act, 2004-2005 No. 2
Chapter 5 Tobacco Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 6 Loan and Guarantee (Amendment) Act, 1957
Chapter 7 Investment Contracts (Repeal) Act
Chapter 8 Literacy Development Council (Repeal) Act
Chapter 9 City of Corner Brook (Amendment) Act, City of Mount Pearl (Amendment) Act, Municipalities (Amendment) Act, 1999 and St. Johnís Assessment (Amendment) Act
Chapter 10 Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2000
Chapter 11 Public Service Pensions (Amendment) Act, 1991, Teachersí Pensions (Amendment) Act and Uniformed Services Pensions (Amendment) Act, 1991
Chapter 12 Municipal Elections (Amendment) Act
Chapter 13 Services Charges (Amendment) Act
Chapter 14 Wild Life (Amendment) Act
Chapter 15 Executive Council (Amendment) Act
Chapter 16 Liquor Corporation (Amendment) Act
Chapter 17 Natural Products Marketing (Amendment) Act and Farm Practices Protection (Amendment) Act
Chapter 18 Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement (Amendment) Act
Chapter 19 Canada-Newfoundland And Labrador Atlantic Accord Implementation Newfoundland and Labrador (Amendment) Act
Chapter 20 Law Society (Amendment) Act, 1999
Chapter 21 Municipalities (Amendment) Act, 1999 and Municipal Elections (Amendment) Act
Chapter 22 Insurance Companies (Amendment) Act
Chapter 23 Aquaculture (Amendment) Act
Chapter 24 Victims of Crime Services (Amendment) Act
Chapter 25 Highway Traffic (Amendment) Act and Provincial Offences (Amendment) Act
Chapter 26 City of Corner Brook (Amendment) Act, City of Mount Pearl (Amendment) Act and City of St. Johnís (Amendment) Act
Chapter 27 Buildings Accessibility (Amendment) Act
Chapter 28 Public Service Collective Bargaining (Amendment) Act
Chapter 29 Automobile Insurance (Amendment) Act
Chapter 30 Lobbyist Registration (Amendment) Act
Chapter 31 Motorized Snow Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles (Amendment) Act
Chapter 32 Fishery Products International Limited (Amendment) Act
Chapter 33 Supplementary Supply Act, 2005-2006
Chapter 34 Supplementary Supply Act, 2005-2006 No. 2
Chapter 35 Financial Administration (Amendment) Act
Chapter 36 Municipal Financing Corporation (Amendment) Act
Chapter 37 Insurance Companies Tax (Amendment) Act
Chapter 38 Teachersí Pensions (Amendment) Act
Chapter 39 Provincial Court (Amendment) Act, 1991
Chapter 40 Forestry (Amendment) Act
Chapter 41 Optometry (Amendment) Act, 2004
Chapter 42 Pharmacy (Amendment) Act
Chapter 43 Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation (Amendment) Act
Chapter 44 Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2000 No. 2
Chapter 45 Pippy Park Commission (Amendment) Act
Chapter 46 Highway Traffic (Amendment) Act
Chapter 47 Public Service Commission (Amendment) Act
Chapter 48 Order of Newfoundland and Labrador (Amendment) Act
Chapter 49 Fish Inspection (Amendment) Act
Chapter 50 Tobacco Health Care Costs Recovery (Amendment) Act
Chapter 51 Memorial University Pensions (Amendment) Act
Chapter 52 Electoral Boundaries (Amendment) Act
Chapter 53 City of St. Johnís (Amendment) Act
Chapter 54 Loan and Guarantee (Amendment) Act, 1957 No. 2
Chapter D-7.1 Denturists Act, 2005
Chapter D-23.1 Dietitians Act
Chapter D-25.1 Dispensing Opticians Act, 2005
Chapter F-3.1 Family Violence Protection Act
Chapter F-9.1 Financial Services Appeal Board Act
Chapter H-2.01 Hearing Aid Practitioners Act
Chapter L-12.1 Licensed Practical Nurses Act, 2005
Chapter L-24.2 Local Authority Guarantee Act, 2005
Chapter M-1.01 Management of Information Act
Chapter M-1.2 Massage Therapy Act, 2005
Chapter M-4.01 Medical Act, 2005
Chapter M-6.1 Members of the House of Assembly Retiring Allowances Act
Chapter O-4.1 Occupational Therapists Act, 2005
Chapter P-34.1 Psychologists Act, 2005
Chapter R-15.1 Rooms Act
Chapter S-16.2 Smoke-Free Environment Act, 2005