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House of Assembly Coat of Arms

House of Assembly

Newfoundland and Labrador

Parliamentary Officials

The officials seated at the centre Table when the House is sitting are referred to as the Table Officers or Clerks at the Table. They include the Clerk, Clerk Assistant and the Law Clerk. The Sergeant-at-Arms sits in the desk adjacent to the main doors of the Chamber.


The Clerk is the non-partisan chief permanent Officer of the House of Assembly. In that capacity, the Clerk exercises responsibilities as Chief Parliamentary Advisor and Chief Administrative Officer.

As Chief Parliamentary Advisor, the Clerk interprets the Standing Orders, conventions, precedents and usages of the House to advise the Speaker and Members on parliamentary procedure. He/she is also responsible for the preparation of the Order Paper and the minutes of the proceedings of the House. The Clerk is also responsible for ensuring the safekeeping of papers and records of the House of Assembly.

Clerk Assistant

The Clerk Assistant is appointed in the same manner as the Clerk and works with the Clerk and Committees of the House in advising the Speaker and Members on parliamentary procedure. S(he) also serves as secretary to the Audit Committee, a Committee of the House of Assembly Management Commission, and clerks the Standing and Special Committees. The Clerk Assistant performs the parliamentary and procedural duties of the Clerk whenever the Clerk is absent or unable to act, or whenever the Office of the Clerk is vacant.

Law Clerk

The Law Clerk provides legal advice as follows:


The Sergeant-at-Arms preserves order and maintains security in the galleries, corridors and other areas within the parliamentary precinct. S(he) is responsible for safekeeping of the mace, and leads the Speaker’s Parade which signifies the ceremonial opening of each sitting day.