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House of Assembly

Newfoundland and Labrador


Expense reports (Accountability and Disclosure Reports) for Members are prepared in accordance with the Members' Resources and Allowances Rules and published in accordance with the Publication Scheme of the House of Assembly. The reports provide details of reimbursements made to, and payments made on behalf of Members to assist them in fulfilling their public duties and responsibilities. They reflect the four main categories of allowances established by the Rules (Office Allowances; Operational Resources; Travel and Living Allowance; and Constituency Allowance).

Two types of reports are posted– a summary report of all expenditures, and detailed reports for each category and sub-category of allowances. Both types of reports are posted on a semi-annual and annual basis (note the semi-annual reports for a fiscal year are replaced with the annual reports once they are available). The types and amounts of allowances and allocations, and the expenditures incurred may differ among Member (e.g. geographic size and location of a constituency will affect allocations and expenditures related to intra-constituency travel).

Members are provided with copies of the reports to review, and are required to sign off on their accuracy. If a Member has an objection with respect to the accuracy of a report, he/she notifies the Speaker in writing outlining the objection(s). Objections do not alter the original reports, but are posted with the reports in accordance with the Publication Scheme.

Click on the name in the list below to view reports for a particular Member. The reports (semi-annual and annual) are posted according to fiscal year, starting with most recent.